EddieAugust and November 2012, Union Services enrolls over 600 custodial Workers for Teamsters Local 769 with Mike Scott, President and Eddy Valero, Business Agent. “We we very pleased with the response from the Union and the Union Members for supplemental disability plans, accident plans and term and permanent life insurance plans” Thank you, Eddy Valero, for negotiating in the benefits contract language in your CBA”.

May 2012, Union Services revisits our long-term Customers with Teamsters Local 667, in Memphis, TN. While servicing their Freight Members, we visited with their new President, Wayne Parimore, and their Road Drivers Business Agent, Ronnie Parkinson. “We are excited to see the YRC Trucks and Docks Workers in full force!.” said Mark Lane, with Union Services. Thanks again to Ronnie and Wayne for allowing us to serve your Members!

May 2012, Thanks to Joe Gronak, and his Local 402 UPS Drivers, we were invited to the nearby Local 612 in Birmingham, AL by 612 Business Agent, Larry Gilchrist. We look forward to working with you, Larry, and the Members of Local 612! One of our best Agents, Carole Warren, is located  in Birmingham, and I know she will take great care of your Members. Thanks again, Larry and Donnie West, for allowing us to serve the Members of Local 612!

March 2012, Joe Gronak, with Teamsters Local 402 in beautiful Alabama, invites us to offer disability and other voluntary benefits to his Union Members. Joe shared, “My Members have been asking for these benefits for years and the other Agents just haven’t worked out. Thanks to a recommendation from Brent Taylor, at Teamsters Local 745 in Dallas, TX, I called Union Services and they have been great working with our Members.” Thanks, Joe! Your Members also appreciate what you do for them!

Mark+BradyNelson_smOctober 2011, Brady Nelson, with USW Local 11-63 in MN, called on Union Services to enroll his Union Members at Sappi Paper with voluntary disability and life insurance.

While there, we also re-enrolled our long-time Union friends at Gerry Parzino’s USW members including Tom Simek and Local 264 and 1417. Mark Lane, with Union Services said “We love visiting and working in Minnesota. The country is beautiful and the people are friendly and hardworking. This makes for a great friends and good business.”

January and May 2011, Eddy Valaro with Teamsters 769, helps enroll over 600 Union Members at the Miami Airport. Eddy followed the “blueprint for success” by negotiating our Union Benefits Language into their latest Collective Bargaining Agreement. Now all the Union Members were able to visit with Union Benefits Agents to learn about insurance benefits available from their local union 769. Way to go Eddy!