What We Do

Our mission is to “add value” to Local Unions by offering benefits and services that are not included or may be inadequate in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Gary S, President of Local 1093 and Mark Lane arrange to offer needed benefits to his Union Members.

Gary S, President of Local 1093 and Mark Lane arrange to offer needed benefits to his Union Members.

Our voluntary benefits fill the gaps in your current Collective Bargaining Agreement with our most popular benefits being additional disability insurance, permanent and term life insurance, accident insurance, ID Protection and more.

We also provide consulting and “contract language” to help you negotiate Union-sponsored Voluntary Benefits in your next CBA.

Opportunity: Most Local Unions have negotiated moderate disability benefits that are often not adequate during a crisis of someone’s disability. When a disabling injury or sickness occurs the family soon realizes that their expenses actually increase. Medical bills, legal expenses, possible vehicle repairs all add up to unexpected costs, while the routine bills keep coming. What’s worse than higher expenses is the family’s income actually decreases because the disabled Worker has reduced income and the Spouse has lost income while caring for the family member.

Solution: Union Services offers several disability plans that pay in addition to Union-negotiated benefits out-of-work benefits, and some of our disability plans pay in addition to Workers Compensation claims. This additional income helps family’s get through difficult periods by removing financial stress and helping the family member fully recover before returning to work.

Opportunity: As a member of your Local Union, you receive a small amount of life and/or accidental death insurance as long as you are a member of your Union. However, most Union Life insurance policies end when you retire or leave the Union.

Solution: Union Services offers both Permanent and Term Life Insurance made available to supplement your Union-provided life insurance. This additional protection can be retained by you after retirement, or if you no longer participate as a Union Member. (See the “Life Insurance Needs Chart” on the Life Insurance handout)

Opportunity: As a Teamsters Member, you may participate in the Union’s Pension program, which provides retirement income to you and your family based on your years of Union Membership. When you near your retirement you have the option of selecting full pension benefits or reduced pension benefits, with the promise that your spouse will receive ½ of those benefits for his/her lifetime after your death.

Solution: Union Services offers Pension Maximization Planning that uses Life Insurance, which cost less than the reduction amount of pension benefits. Our Pension Planning provides considerably more income for your Spouse than would be available had you taken the reduced pension, and you get to take your full pension benefits! As long as you are in fairly good health, the Union Services’ Pension Maximization is an extremely prudent action for all Members approaching their retirement and reviewing their pension options.

Opportunity: Your Union Contract may not provide for your Local Union to offer “Union-exclusive” Benefits through payroll deducted – and your Employer may not want to help the Union implement new payroll deductions.

Solution: Union Services has pioneered a unique way to offer any benefits to your Members between contracts. Using Direct Deposit, your members send only the premium amount to a “Custodial Bank Account” (at Chase Manhattan Bank), which is swept once a month to pay all benefit premiums for that Member. To the Member, this LOOKS LIKE A PAYROLL DEDUCTION by having the convenience of a low weekly premium that comes out of their paycheck. Best of all, the Employer actually encourages the Union Member to participate in the plan if it gets them to use Direct Deposits!

In some cases, Direct Deposits are not available from an employer or by the Union Member. If not, we make convenient Bank Drafts available from the Union Member’s Bank or Credit Union.

Opportunity: You want to get payroll deductions for Union Benefits in your next Union contract.

Solution: Union Services can help you do this! We offer Contract Lanaguge for you to negotiate into your next Contract, and you can include this in the “non-economic” portion of your contract. This is usually easier to negotiate these concessions. Should you have questions about this language, contact us today and request a copy of our Union Benefits Contract Language!

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